I Almost Got SMOKED At The Park! 5v5 Basketball

I cant believe this occurred at the park….

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  1. AssaultineCrakka Boiii

    Get Carlos off the court. Dude just tries to cause problems and he ass.

  2. You Guys go around , belittling People , then you want to explain that you a good dude . You gonna get your Teeth Kicked in sooner or later . Your Boy Carlos is Basuda . One of you Clowns is gonna wind up dead . You better learn Respect real Quick . We’ll see what happens .

  3. Nick >>> Chris the Snake

  4. 5:57 the REAL “grey tank top” mystery shooter!! Carlos gonna get everyone shot man LMAO


  6. Damn they real gs fr fr

  7. I would like to go here just to beat ass cause everybody wants to fight so bad

  8. Legit they all suck. Never seen such sloppy play even for a park game.

  9. Carlos is just asking to be uppercutted. He should be fortunate he doesn’t get slumped & that Chauncey will always protect him from that happening

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