I Added Your DUMB Ideas To Minecraft..

This is witty.


  1. Dan what did you use to make this stuff

  2. Dan you should try to contact Fundy and see some things he did and/or make some with him. Keep up the good work

  3. “Can me die?”


    “Me can definitely die”

  4. Hmm.. try moving things instead of animals as well! There’s a lot you could make!

  5. A Minion or a Baby Dragon

  6. So that now means that he’s a “Modder”

  7. Tutorial pls

  8. You could make Pokemon!

  9. All of these look awesome! And if you do a part two I want you to take a pink axolotl and give it pink eye beams, cuz that’s basically me

  10. Dan:
    “I should sell these.”

    Me having a 3d printer :
    ” I can help with that.”

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