Hyperinflation is Already Here – You Just Haven’t Realised It Yet.

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Hyperinflation has been a doomsday episode for modern economies throughout the last century. In all of these failed nations (Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and so forth.) there’s been uniform cautioning signs, the same signs that we are starting to see today in the U.S.

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#Inflation #Hyperinflation #Economics


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  1. Economics Explained

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    👉 https://skl.sh/economicsexplained04211

    • @Fredashay Klavierstein That was a total random event. It’s like saying the 50 million deaths from the Spanish flu was America’s fault, because that’s were that pandemic started, in Kansas. Diseases come and go, you can not control it’s randomness. You know what’s not random? How governments and countries react to them, how people take care of themselves and of each other, you can blame or you can manage. But only one of them is the smart move.

    • Fredashay Klavierstein

      @nicomal No. That’s a lie propagated by the CCP! Again, I assume you’re in China because that’s total bullshit what you’re saying. The virus was made in the Wuhan Virology lab and was released through incompetence or malice. Even if it was incompetence rather than malice, the CCP and the WHO kept it a secret until after it had escaped from China and became a world-wide pandemic. China owes the world a huge debt, far larger than the US currency held by China, not the other way around. Either you are ignorant, or you’re defending a totalitarian regime that wants to destroy civilization.

    • How does the altruism of store owners factor in whenever if they resist increasing their prices for the good of consumers, especially in grocery stores & supermarkets etc with dependable repeat customers? I think there should be a study.

    • It might be worth pointing out that the commodities market had been in a massive rut for the last five years and is actually returning to normal price levels. The commodities is somewhat countercyclical to the stock market so this may be a sign that a recession may be coming again in a couple of years.

    • Hi, what do you think of John Oliver’s latest video about national debt?

  2. It all feels way too coincidental to not be a plot by some really messed up people.

  3. i think the biggest thing that sets apart this instance of money printing and decreased output from the other horror stories is that every coutry is suffering from decreased output and printing more money.

  4. Serif Sans Serif

    The reason it hasn’t is because of disparity.

    The US has been printing and printing, but it just keeps getting vacuumed up into the hands of a very select few. The majority of people just don’t have a lot to spend, and little in the way of jobs to make money.

    I see the hyperinflation being trapped in housing and stocks, and that’s when it’ll all crash.

  5. The big disclaimer 5:12

  6. it would be great to have video of the affects of an increasing warming planet will have global economy disruptions to global manufacturing, supply chains, trade, geopolitics, food production, travel, tourism, insurance, banking systems, etc. If the current global health pandemic has caused the current disruptions, this is mild to what is going to happen as the planet continues to warms.

  7. 14:07 Nice.

  8. Interesting @14;11 Suez jamming ship !

  9. Finally they made a video to teach white gen z girls why they can’t just print more money.🙌🙌

  10. The death numbers- John’s Hopkins, not worthy of belief

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