Hydro Dipping A Pair of Crocs

Plainly… the main problem with my hydro dipped pair of crocs is that they are just too cool to even exist I’m kidding we for some reason picked up acrylic spray paint instead of regular spray paint, although I’m not 100% sure if regular spray paint would work better or worse, probably just differently or at least not crack and flake off as easily. But yes I wound up with just essentially painted crocs WHICH IS STILL BADASS AND YES I LEAVE AN ART TRAIL WHEREVER I GO. But will probably eventually flake off entirely even with the layer of sealant. I would definitely recommend this form of fun having however! I had a 10/10 time doing it and although I would have liked to have had a beautiful long lasting pair of crocs to wear, I think I might give it another go with a different type of paint and absolutely love the effect it created. Below are the clips that I used from people (more successfully and knowledgeably) hydro dipping sneakers as well a pair of crocs that *deeply* inspired me so at least their shoes came out better than mine. But I’m still going to wear mine anyways. I don’t really care. I hope this inspired you to have some hydro dip fun in the future or to check out some videos on youtube because they are in fact very relaxing to watch. Anyways I gotta go vacuum everything my feet touched. Goodbye have a good day.

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  1. Charizma Velazquez

    They need crocs for dogs!!

  2. you puppy looks like a larger version of one of mine so cute!! please subscribe back to me. Love your vids! https://www.youtube.com/shayswayofficial

  3. Jenna can make literally ANY video and we’ll make it trending

  4. To be honest I think nail polish would work a lot better. Acrylic paint is pretty flakey, which I’m assuming is because it is water based. Nail polish is acrylic based, meaning it’s more flexible and would most likely stick better. So if you wanna hydro dip again when the first master piece passes, I would recommend the nail polish method. Also, these ones look very cool and I would buy them if I could. Awesome job bb

  5. New product. Jenna’s Croc paint. The tag line “Just f*ck my sh*t up fam”

  6. Can water-marbled Crocs be your new merch? lol I’d totally rock those until they fell apart!

  7. i LOVE crocs 🙂

  8. Xochitl Vasquez

    as soon as i saw the spray paint hit the water i knew it was wrong


  10. her too much gene is giving me so much anxiety mom plz stop

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