Hutch’s Jewelry proprietor Dan Hutchinson gunned down near his store in Oak Park

Dan Hutchinson, the proprietor of Hutch’s Jewelry which was well-liked with everyday Detroiters all the way to hip hop stars like Sada Baby, was mortally wounded Wednesday in Oak Park.

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  1. Napalm Holocaust

    Dismal rundown location. He should have relocated. Instead some punk relocated him.

  2. Deal with Crap 💩 Hop ish happens. It’s the new Devils music influencing the masses and literally killing the black community

  3. Tesla bullet proof truck is definitely hit

  4. Should have bought a bulletproof car

  5. Nerd Barbie Brandalyn

    Rip sorry for ur loss

  6. Never let the killer out, never!

  7. Jealous of his success?

  8. So horrible so sorry 😞 for your family I hate these bums in Detroit

  9. FacetiousUniqueness

    Sounds like a leak within the Police Dept. You can’t play both sides of the fence forever. Of course I’m only speculating.

  10. Scott Kucinski

    Isn’t worth having a business in Detroit

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