HUNDREDS of Drones Takeoff From the Freedom Factory


  1. Cleetus2 McFarland

    Tomorrow we’re gonna tie a rope to all of them and take George to the moon.

  2. Arm each one with grenades or whatever implement of destruction they can carry and send them to Ukraine. It would be kind of difficult to defend against a swarm of swarms. Swarm them all close so they look like a formation of fighter jets or bomber and then when they get close to the target, break formation and rain doom upon the enemy. Imagine 1000 Kamikaze drones raining a curtain of death from above. Even if only 200 hundred get through it would still be worth it. Don’t know if the tech is available but I wonder if they could put some kind of anti-jamming device on some of the drones to protect some of the swarms. You could also use a swarm to act as decoys. The possibilities are endless.

  3. Can I rent you to scare all the tourist out of the town/valley? Plz?!?!?

  4. that would be so cool in the dark

  5. That’s some cool Chinese technology FREEDOM

  6. Old scool cool die cast

    This will be how wars will be won in the future

  7. I want to see James hand launch a drone 🤣

  8. How many are being sent to the Ukraine ? = )

  9. Really cool 😎

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