Huggy Wuggy Breaks FREE! | Matpat Reacts To Poppy Playtime VHS Teaser (Restricted Disappearance)

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Loyal Theorists, today we got a special treat from the people over at @mobgamesstudios with a SPECIAL Poppy Playtime Analog Horror VHS Tape! With Chapter 3 on its way, we have been clamoring for some more of that sweet succulent LORE and that’s just what we have been given! You would be stunned JUST how much is really unveiled in only a 3-minute-long video clip friends, but YOU BETTER BELIEVE we got it all!

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
4:45 – hit me right in the feely-weelies
44:01 – The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. Since in chapter 2, they mentioned that Huggy wuggy’s temperment and obedience was ideal. I wonder if afterwards they made kissy who turned out passifistic, and started using the original huggy as security, they decided to make another (which i believe would be the one that escaped, the fresher less obedient and more panicked expirament) and maybe that is why they changed directions from huggy, is that not all of them were going to be as easily controlled, and so they moved on to more diverse ideas.

  2. Bro they talk about the weirdest things in these things 18:35

  3. Matpat full confirmation that there’s more than one giant huggy-wuggy and kissing Missy, one would be in Puppy Playtime where Mommy has you pushing Huggies away from you to survive. Second is actually in Project playtime! When you get thrown into that pit it’s the same place technically!

  4. Really and truly only MatPat can turn a 3 minute long video and about 7 comments into a 45 minute long video.

  5. I used to lov crash bandicoot

  6. Omg boogie bot came out the year I was born ngl I loved Bettie spaghetti (basically like mommy long-legs) and Huggies wuggie was just a bear name to me in the 90s based on the not so PC rhythm of the time. Either way as a child of the 90s I would have loved all this poppy toys. Actually I remember there was a toy like boogie bot that was like a sassy tiny “robot” toy that you could maybe put your hip clips in or was just sassy and did backflips? I just remember a toy analogous to it from my real life childhood

  7. I Thought when I saw huggy wuggy bro she be on the NBA

  8. Good video but I don’t understand why mob entertainment showed us this it makes no sense so why should we care if this doesn’t effect the main game!

  9. The waffle house has found its new host

  10. me listening to tis and heearing matpat say “the employees are mustard” and being confused cuz im multitaskig

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