Huge Update

#mogulmail #ludwig


  1. texas with markiplier mayhaps??

  2. Bro stole the wrong car holy shit 😭😭😭

  3. Time to open up some LA cold cases and see if the community can solve other crimes

  4. You should name the car Suffering lol

  5. How is this a real thing. Lud has nonstop drama I can’t

  6. Yes, there are locksmiths that can change car locks and get you a new key. There are also some dealerships that can do this.

  7. reddit has his face. Give it a month and someone will post something like “so uh i found the guy and fucking spiked him outta his last stock and i retrieved a subaru key. Thinking it might be luds”

  8. 8:31 lmao one of the only things you can be sure of in LA is that you’ll see an ad for Veronica’s Insurance. Even if it’s in a Ludwig video

  9. Gotta love the community coming together and keeping an eye on it

  10. Make sure they stay strapped with pepper spray an a glok bro it’s your right

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