Huge Drama At The Streamer Awards


  1. Where did you get that Pokemon Frame on the wall from? It looks so cool .. I have the 16 base set holo and currently looking for a similar frame

  2. DA GOAT🎉🎉🎉🎉

  3. You really should work on the fear of flying. It’s way safer than driving, so it’s pretty irrational fear.

  4. These brave brave soldiers

  5. People actually voted for Biden.. that’s why it’s like this.. personally I thought it would be worse than it is..

  6. Why has this become a drama channel?

  7. “Theres only one place to point the finger…everyone but myself” lmao. That took a twist I shouldve expected.

  8. This reward show is BS. No TimTheTatman, IShowSpeed, and much more!

  9. That was Joel Haver!!!! The Moist Machine! He deserves an award also, hilarious content!

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