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  1. I imagine that one day (or not) that Julien would be like Felix where Marzia would very occasionally poke her head into vids with Jenna. But I know that that may never happen but I hope one day we could hear Jenna yellin at Julen in the background sometimes. I hope Julien also focusses on what he wants to do with this channel and his twitch. I am content with re-watching Jenna’s vids over and over <3

  2. As a viewer, if a video has a “here you go” in that particular voice, it makes my month

  3. Honestly just take the time you need, there’s no rush. When you do something because you feel responsible for doing it, it becomes work. When you do something because you simply love spending time doing it, that’s a hobby. Let this channel be your hobby. Post things that inspire you, no matter what it is (meaning don’t worry whether we’ll like the content or not). Only share what you want, when you want, how you want. If one video is cooking, one is the dogs, one is something interesting you just learned, one is crazy craft time, etc… It’s all good because you’re happy doing it. My favorite parts of your videos are just the fun you have behind the topics, not simply the topics. I hope this all makes sense?

  4. i laughed so hard when u showed us the clean dryer vents. thanks for the update, so glad everything is going well.

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