How Walgreens/CVS Workers Be When They See Each Other

bro am I the only a single thinking they be beefing ?

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  1. Don't choke On your aspirations director

    When UPS and FEDEX drivers meet up


  3. Home Depot and Lowe’s is next

  4. “Y’all shit over priced” I’m dead ????

  5. rdc y’all trending lets go

  6. As a Walgreens employee I can totally 100% confirm this exactly how every interaction with a CVS employee goes down.

  7. “You talkin to these great value ass niggas” ???????

  8. Marcy The Vampire

    He said “great value ass niggas” im done????

  9. Lmao swear kroger and walmart be going at it too stay by eachother gang gang

  10. Stop, stop. Y’all both trash. Rite aid is where it’s at. They got that thrifty up in there.

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