How To Terraform Venus (Rapidly)

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Leaving earth to find new homes in space is an old dream of humanity and will sooner or later be required for our survival. The planet that gets the most attention is Mars, a tiny, toxic and energy poor planet that more or less seems good enough for a colony of depressed human beings huddled in underground towns.

But what if we think larger? What if we take Venus, one of the most hostile and lethal places in the sun system and turn it into a colony? Not by building lofty cloud towns, but by constructing a decent second earth? It may be less complicated than you think.

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  1. @Paolo Mancuso ikr i commented too

  2. @Memecious Tysm

  3. Great fantasy bro. They first have to get ANYTHING past low earth orbit.

  4. John Christianson

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just bombard venus with icy bodies such as comets and asteroids? You can time the strikes and angle them so that you can increase venus’s spin while causing fallout that can cool the atmosphere. Once cool you can seed cyanobacteria into the atmosphere to start carbon sequestration. You would need a great deal of bacteria but luckily bacteria replicates fast and has been found high in earth’s atmosphere.

    If you want to get fancy you can even abduct a earth moon sized moon from another planet. Using the moon as a stirring rod the planet could stabilize and potentially gain a magnetic field by using its gravity on venus’s core. The meteor strikes could have also caused the creation to tectonic plates.

  5. So humanity gets to trash another Earth.

  6. Dope sci-fi channel <3

  7. When you realize humans will be stealing planets and taking resources and one day we may be the evil alien invaders of another world

  8. Elvin Shoolbraid

    why no 4k uploads?

  9. Jalapeño and Banana Productions

    What are we waiting for? Let’s do it!

  10. Vlas Karountzos

    Seems like a lot of work..

  11. corona virus cameo momento

  12. Im way more excited about venus
    than mars lol. Sad I don’t be alive to see it

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