How to repair toilet paper roll folder – hints

Contraption hints and lifehacks . New video clips daily … Thank you!


  1. Mind blown. Now you can wipe your ass.

  2. It reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_*

  3. Use water

  4. Wieso ist das in den Trends 🧨

  5. futrue davex the hope of the world

    How is this one trending lol

  6. i can’t believe this video is on trending

  7. You are confusing fixing with affixing. Two different things.

  8. “Folder”????? Or “Holder”? Fix your title. I watched because I was curious what a toilet paper “folder” is. And it’s not fixing. It’s installing.

  9. lmfao what was the fuqin tip

  10. we got tired of the holder and just put TP on counter

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