How to Rebuild the Entire Front Suspension in your Car or Truck

Learn how to substitute the ENTIRE front suspension of your vehicle in this two episode series. First I will show you how to remove the wheel bearing, ball joints, control arms, tie rod, strut, and axle.

The ball joint and wheel bearing has to be pressed out of the knuckle and I have a number of hints and tricks to make that simple. The upper control arm ball joint and tie rod can get stuck in the knuckle so I show some tricks on how to effortlessly remove that. The remainder of the suspension parts are pretty easy to remove and substitute.


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  1. Did you guys get notified by YouTube that the video was posted? Also when you watched the video, was there a screen that said “this video was flagged by the YouTube community and may be offensive” or something like that? Just wanted to check because I had issues last night which is why I had to postpone publishing the video. I hope it’s all fixed and you guys learn a lot from the video! Stay tuned for the next video and then for a video that, well, covers a life changing event 😉
    Also for those asking why I am wondering, here is what happened last night when I went to publish:

  2. chris i love your vids im 11 iv been watch sine i ws 5 LOL

  3. Yes another Chris fix video I am so excited

  4. Been waiting for this!!!!! Thanks Chris

  5. Money to throw away much? Surely all the parts where given to him. Usually you replace parts AS THEY GO BAD… What he has there is $2000 in parts. Who puts $2000 into a old del sol?

  6. As usual, a very nice video, just one thing, not wrong, but to add up, if the hub is wheel bolts style, you cannot use the brake rotor to help remove the center nut, you have break loose all center nuts before lifting the car. With this configuration, there are only two philips head screws that will break if the rotor is used to hold the hub.

  7. What was the paint you used? POR-15?

  8. Obidio Rodriguez

    More videos earlier please I love your videos

  9. Hey Chris. Can you show a video of rebuild of your trucks front suspension. TTB suspensions are a pain in the but to keep aligned so it would be useful to see how to rebuild it.

  10. title: How to Rebuild the Entire Front Suspension
    reality: How to Disassemble the Entire Front Suspension

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