How to make a Doll Wheelchair: Advanced Version! PDF included

How to make a doll wheelchair from scrape: Advanced Version!

In search of a less complicated doll wheelchair project?


  1. This is precious! I love how much detail you put into your creations, and I love how this adorable wheelchair is actually made of recycled materials (But when you look at the finished product, you can’t even tell! It’s so well made!♥)
    Your creations really inspire me, I hope I can create lovely dolls like you do when I’ll have access to the materials =^-^=

  2. can u make a Tomboy doll plss

  3. Maybe one day, if you feel like it, you could make a dog wheelchair. BTW YOUR AMAZING!!!!

  4. An interesting build

  5. I have 0 intentions of ever making a wheelchair for dolls because i dont own a single doll but you bet your booty that I watched both the simple and advanced tutorials

  6. Hi , Katherine i would love a disabled doll series if you need ideas

  7. Dollightful should be offically renamed “The Doll Engineer” 😀
    there is so much potential, even by crossing the two versions … i might try this, but i’ll probably make the wheels out of thin plywood for more sturdiness. one could even use some thin plastic tube to make tires…

  8. this was rlly nothing short of genius! I’m rlly amazed by the construction, especially how you were able to make the templates and teach it concisely and clearly. WAH I LOVE THIS TUTORIAL it made my brain go woah and my heart go mush!

  9. I have no idea why I tapped on this

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