How To FIX Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Performance Issues and Glitches!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet performance is truly bad. The games continue to be so much fun…but it’d be quite a bit more pleasant if they ran better! Here is your first ever fix, and it doesn’t need a patch! Try it out and enjoy Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gameplay better than before!

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  1. I can give props to game freak for the following:
    The great gameplay: I like how the battles feel
    Story: I haven’t completed it yet but I’m loving it
    The Pokémon textures: While the environment needs work, the Pokémon textures look better (we have scales on Pokémon and shiny steel types)
    But there are some problems
    Frame rate
    NPC’s: I think there’s a reason you go to a separate place for Pokémon battles in previous titles
    Textures: mostly the environments

  2. And hopefully Nintendo will just make a patch to fix this game
    Haven’t seen much of it at all, but seeing that it can’t always handle the player throwing pokeballs is funny to put it one way

  3. People are talking about insane lag and others are posting videos about bugs and glitches they run into. But I haven’t run into anything like what others seem to be. Which leads me to think one of two things.
    Either A. People are using emulators with the ridiculous glitches or B. People are finding ways to break the game on purpose
    The fact people call this game worse than X and Y or sword and shield is ridiculous to me

    • I was just casually playing on my wifes switch and had all these issues. It got so bad my wife started taking pictures and videos everytime it happened. Hills causes no floors, i ran into where i was riding my legendary and got stuck and had to reload my game because I was in a never ending loop. Pop in is awful. During the school class cut scene 5 kids was doing the same animation like at 5 frames a second. Its bad. Like really bad. Tbh im prob done till they patch it because im not going to reboot by game every 15 minutes

  4. “we’re not the developer, we don’t know… however here’s a guarantee on behalf of the developer.”

  5. Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

  6. Spazzelin ————

    Dude you are such a baby

  7. SMToon Entertainment

    i’ve been having obviously performance issues but also stuttering,pop in and character models glitching

  8. Took you four and a half minutes to say “turn it off and back on again.”

  9. 5:48 Some people may factually be this unreasonable, as many are with all sorts of things on the internet, but generalizing every complaint in this fashion is disingenuous. General FPS issues are par for the course with Switch games constantly punching above the system’s weight, but a memory leak exacerbating the problem and introducing more issues is a big freaking deal that should have been caught and addressed before release, and no amount of shilling the gameplay and content can cover it up. Mind that one of the perks of playing on console or handheld versus PC used to be that you typically never had to deal with these kinds of technical issues, or if you did, they weren’t so egregiously impactful. To see this kind of negligence plague a game that is not only otherwise fine, but also first party title, is nothing short of disheartening.

  10. 06:31 So… Poké balls float on top of invisible surfaces now? 🤔

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