How To COMPLETE Bundesliga Year In Review Objective!

How To COMPLETE Bundesliga Year In Review Objective!

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Craig Douglas


  1. Iron strength I’d the only wrong one

  2. The Cube BeNder

    Hearth of berlin??..

  3. Luv for this he helped me so much

  4. What country is an union player??

  5. this is trash dawg. put it in notepad and add it to the description. email me when u have it

  6. Correction: You do not need to start the Herta Berlin player, I just had one on the bench and subbed them on and it worked

  7. 3:19 Can you do this in friendlies?

  8. Can you do multiple objectives in one game

    • Yes you can I did 4 objectives in one game but I have to play 17 more matches for 3 remaining objectives

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