How to Beat the Crypt Trials in Roblox BedWars!

Giving you hints on each stage of beating the crypt trials in the Roblox BedWars Halloween update event!

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  1. Wow this thing does depend on teammates tho

  2. I keep dying at the boss because at the end he is using 3 attacks at the same time, skulls, walls and the other thingy idk the name……

  3. if you die will you get the kit?

  4. Iight • 69 years ago

    i cant beat it bc i need players that know how to do it

  5. sub or sonic the hedgehog will slap yo ass pls

    this was helpful but all my teammates will die and i will be the one left at the final trial making me the only one targeted by crypt and the knockback with the wall is hard to dodge


    Why do you sound different i just didnt watch for a month and your voice changed..

  7. lhorkhanjames libosada

    POV watching this getting jealous cuz u cant beat it wishing that if your only one of the teammates in the vid 😥😥

  8. This is in customs

  9. DV I wonder if u use tap to move for the boulders part

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