How to Banish Entities in Jeff’s Shop w/the Crucifix + El Goblino’s Girlfriend (DOORS HOTEL+ UPDATE)

0:00 – Intro
1:24 – Ambush
1:56 – Jeff
3:32 – El Goblino
8:05 – Bob
9:29 – Secret Vent
9:49 – El Goblina’s Secret Room
10:26 – Dread / Chime






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doors update = hotel
new doors floor
doors update
doors update release date
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  1. Whats it’s name? Chime or Dread?

  2. I need an actual banishing. I have some problems with real paranormal. How do you get rid of black bindings, ritualistic curse tagging tech and other cruxes. Banishments and baptism didn’t work in my situation. But I really want to see if someone actually has the power of the Holy Spirit to kick these besieging spirits out. It’s Almost like I can’t sense anything. But I can’t barely put a finger as to what is on there. And it’s like a cobweb of entities. I wonder someone can banish things away from remotely for free?

  3. And why is the lighter bar not going down

  4. Poor ppl who tryed to do this😢

  5. I was one of them

  6. But am not now

  7. It’s not possible to use it on dread because he isn’t in the game

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