How This Guy Cleaned A Lake!



  1. I think the US needs to buy this for like Detroit and flint and stuff like that

  2. Callum LFC Waugh

    So this guy could have just ended dirty drinking water in Africa

  3. I mean I found a dirty water lake and it was with some many frogs in it so I did the same like the guy in it and then the frogs came out and got to a new clean lake and when they entered it they made the brand new lake dirty so I released my rage and got a super sharp spear and throw it to the frogs I was super good to it so I got some extreme spicy animal killer poison and give it to the frog to drink it and then the frog was like: *drinking extreme spicy poisoned water* *frog throws up all of the peppers and poisoned extreme spicy peppers and throws up in the lake all frogs throwed up into every else same frogs and then all the frogs died you will not believe how many frogs I found that died it was like 100000m frogs and then I gave the same thing that the guy did to the lake to make it cleaner for people to take a bath the thing the guy used is called water super cleaner you can eat it too and throw all of it in lakes to make the water very clean and then after 9 days it got the lakes all clean because of me throwing the thing in a hose with a water hose

  4. That is so Eco-Friendly!

  5. Everyone, dump huge amounts of “organic” material in lakes. You can eat it, so it’s good for the ecosystem. Who cares if you don’t “own” the lake, or if you’re not “qualified”. Unforeseen consequences of charitable acts have never come back to hurt us!

    Also, classy move by the content publisher, providing all relevant detail and context. Clearly, this is not tailor made for clicks, views, and wallet padding. #shorts

  6. Not all Heroes wear capes, marino proved that right

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