How This Flower Saved Me

Flowers are the way to a girl’s heart… or am I an imbecile?
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Animation Team:
Jeff Fam
Penny Lane Morales

“Special Thanks to our Inner Circle of Friendship and Family Tier Patrons”

Kat Curtis
Edvin Olofsson
Alex Anzivino
Erich Lee
Mariam Gegechkori
Arjun Blair
Amy Mayfield
Ariana Bransford
Molly Dowling

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  1. This “series” is pretty much some bs Disney story

  2. The babysitter didn’t tell you anything because if she did, she would be destroyed by your evil sister, who was actually the true mastermind all along behind every single one of these stories and the one who threatened the babysitter to make romantic advances toward you in the first place. Your sister wanted you to have a lengthy relationship with a girl, a girl who would only lead you to heartbreak after years of ignorant bliss, so that you would end up in a spiraling depression. The problem now is that your friend revealed too much information to you too soon, messing with your sister’s plans and causing him to be in danger from your evil sister, as well.

  3. It was good that you stayed at your grandma house sometimes you don’t know when your going to loss someone

  4. No.. I gave a girl a flower. She hated me and got me a full back of No let’s be friends. *I DIDN’T EVEN WANTED SOMETHING FROM HER.*

  5. Did gonna get good…😐

  6. Obviously, she’s going to pull out a mask and shoot your father to turn into a vampire.

  7. Petition to hire a team of animators to make Alex’s baby sitter series an anime

  8. Waiwaiwaiwait trending!?

  9. محمد احمد


  10. You’re gonna break up

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