How the Germans Measured Milliseconds MECHANICALLY – Smarter Every Day 283
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General information about the project:

Here is the light I used! The cool folks at Nanlux dispatched it over to me. It does not flutter at super high frame rates!

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  1. There’s no sponsor on this video, so a huge thank you to everyone who helped me make it by supporting on Patreon at !

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    • Love love love this video!!! Been a sub-ed fan for a longtime, and a fan of CameraRescue for about 5 years. So glad to see the two of you meet! It would be a dream come true to go through their camera tech school! I have wanted to learn about repairing cameras since I got into film photography in the late 80s. My late ex-wife’s Fujitsu SLR broke and I got it about halfway disassembled before I gave up. All the parts are still in the camera bag awaiting my attention someday. I even purchased a working model as well as service and repair manuals! Years of depression and now missionary work have kept us apart. They are stashed away somewhere at my mom’s in Idaho!

      Thanks for all of your passion and hard work in reveling God’s awesome handiwork in this little galaxy we call home! Keep the videos comin’!!!

    • Sorry I took a whole flipping day but I had the children

    • @chase bobi noticed this too! He has it set looking through the lens attachment causing the shutter to move left to right. Where as the book/store had theirs positioned like you were taking a picture, and the shutter moved right to left! Such an interesting video!

    • May I humbly ask what watch you were wearing during this recording

    • 2QIK4U GAMES - (2QIK4U)

      How did you not Know this before looking at it ? I don’t mean to come across rude but you should know this 40 yrs ago

  2. So much information in this video. Great stuff

  3. canberra dog farts

    Next, you MUST talk about Doc Edgertons work measuring fractions of a millionth of a second using mechanical shutters.

  4. Mike's Tropical Tech

    Would be cool to see how they make the internal adjustment to get it accurate.

  5. So when are you finishing the kodak saga?

  6. How about some important questions to be asked: the violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics in earth’s atmosphere.
    Once you ask yourself that question you will realize why NASA never “went past LEO”.

  7. Was the “curvature” on the images made with the rotating stripes on the bottle exaggerated by the small diameter of the bottle. When the stripe is at the top it appears to the camera sensor be moving slowly, then accelerating opposite the sensor, and slowing again as it nears the bottom. Indeed just like the springs accelerating and decelerating. If you were to repeat the experiment with a much larger diameter bottle, the lines would I expect, be much straighter. Though still at an angle.
    Incidentally, if I remember correctly the first shutters with two leaves moved left to right, or right to left. That meant shutter speeds of 1/100 or slower were needed with electronic flash’s. Someone then decided to redesign the shutter to move from top to bottom, thus reducing the distance the leaves had to travel. The fastest shutter speed used with electronic flash’s could go now to 1/250.

  8. Anyone could ask me if I would be interested in watching a video about how the Germans measure camera shutter speed , I would have looked at them and laughed , but if they then told me that ” SmarterEveryDay ” made the video I would have to say ” Oh ! then that I will learn something from , let me see the video ! ” The things that absolutely intrigue me that otherwise would seem rather drab and boring , yet a good presenter could get me to watch grass grow , as a matter of fact I think you did have me watch grass grow in at one time or another .

  9. Humans. Bloody amazing.

  10. did they do it using the third kodak factory tour video?

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