How the asserted university admission rip-off worked

Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are amidst dozens of parents, sports coaches and university prep executives accused of carrying out a nationwide secret plan to get students into influential universities, stated by a colossal federal indictment. #CNN #News


  1. *uncle jesse has left the chat*

  2. Lol I thought this was obv

  3. This is not new in college sports … college sports has been doing exactly this for years and years. You don’t think those college basketballers had great SAT scores do you? They went through the sports dept. lol…I haven’t seen any of them prosecuted. They even bought grades.

  4. the FUNNY thing is her fucking daughter literally said she doesn’t give a fuck about school and just wants to live the “college life” and go to games and parties. TO FUCKING PARTY.

  5. CNN putting alleged in the headline now I know they did it

  6. What I want to know is how the brain of a Democrat works not how this scheme works. Cause you dumbasses are fucking up America and when the Republicans try to fix it you guys go off on them. I’d rather have Joseph Stalin as a dictator of America then another Democratic leader.

  7. For cheap, they all could have gone to Trump’s p.o.s “University”; or perhaps Bernie Sander’s wife could have admitted them into her corrupt college; or maybe Obama’s two closest friends, Marty Nesbitt and Tony Miller, could let them into the scam University of Phoenix, which they purchased only after Obama instructed his Dept. of Education to attack the for-profit school, causing its stock to fall, making it a really cheap purchase for his two buddies… Yes folks, ALL of your favorite politicians are fuck-ups.

  8. Some things you just cant buy with money Apparently a yale degree isint one of them smh

  9. … and yet you can’t find Trump’s school records?

  10. It doesn’t matter because colleges already cater to the wealthy through the early decision application process

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