How Our Pregnancy Has Been So Far!

How Our Pregnancy Has Been So Far! Get Comfortable & Gift Love this Valentine’s Day!

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Jess & Gabriel xx


  1. Not to be mean, but milo looks pregnant too 😅♥️

  2. Oh my the morning sickness/all day sickness was honestly the WORST. I remember just having to hype myself up to go into the grocery store to be around food 🤮

  3. Omg yes Gab!! Formula 1!!!

  4. Congratulations queen I’m so happy for you Jess ilysm and Imma cry cuz I’ve been wanting y’all to have a baby for so long

  5. FORMULA 1 ❤️❤️❤️ omg sooo excited about the new season l can’t wait! also so excited for you guys congrats you will be amazing parents!🥰

  6. So so happy for ya! My mom said it’s possible you may have a girl if you feel nausea a lot 😁 anyways bless you two and your little one to come!! 💗💗💗😢🙏🏼💛😘

  7. why is this in my recommended

  8. Oh yeah gab i got into f1 lately because of my friend

  9. gabe i cannot wait for the new f1 season as well!!

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