How NBA Players Spent Their FIRST Check..

This is How NBA Players Spent Their FIRST Check..


  1. 9:16 looks a little sus

  2. Natalie Attkisson

    This is such a strange time to be alive. This is worse than the Great Depression because at least money held it’s value back then. There’s no where safe to put your money now, Gold preserves wealth to some extent but the price is suppressed and it’s not even keeping up with inflation. Assets are the only safe bet right now if you’re lucky enough to own them (i.e. a fully paid off house).

    • They want everyone to panic . The truth is theres always a safe place to put money that will yield good returns if not now but soon you just cant see it . Few months ago i was sitting back holding my cash until i found out that come 10years the prices now will be a dip. So i had to seek proper guidance from an invstmnt advisor and so far my growth reserve has moved advantageously from $70k to $250k

    • Clifford Matthew

      @Harry Lee Wow from $70k to $250k who’s your advisor and how do i connect ?My life is a mess right now Sometimes getting a takeaway is the only thing I can do to eat a warm meal because it costs more to cook at home. Local chippy does a large plate of chips for 拢2. Using one hob on the oven to heat a 60p tin of soup costs .

    • @Clifford Matthew My advisor is Helen Eugenio Torralba . Her work ethics is client-centred and professional . She’s one of the top rated advisor in the wallstreet today. Just do an onlinlukup using her full name and connect to her busines page.

  3. Ja Morant is a w

  4. thumnsill is bs

  5. YESSSSSS another video

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    Rebound makes great videos when I鈥檓 having a bad day I come to his channel and watch some keep up the grind!

  7. I love rebound

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  9. Nothing new under the sun

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  10. I would have bought a house something to reliably get me to the obligations i took on by accepting the cheque then heavily invested the rest cause contract #2 isn’t guaranteed no matter who you are or how good you can play

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