How Many Giant Balloons Stops A Compound Bow & Arrow?

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  1. That lettuce is the most expensive thing in this video.

  2. The bow thing is at 23:00

  3. I’m glad they did not mix up the vortex and use the pin one for double points.

  4. I wonder if the HR team also has to repair the surfaces damaged by throwing from height, or sharp objects thrown in these stadiums

  5. Aussie Aussie Aussie oy oy oy

  6. Brett’s double point throw when hitting rexy after his boomerang throw should have counted as another double points as if you watch the reply the Vortex clips Rex’s foot.

  7. Thank you guys again, didn´t get disappointed from you in years. How long did it take to film this vid? It had to be a lot of time to blow the balloons.

  8. David Beddard-Banks

    Editor Jack, I salute you! 🖖👏

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