How long ANY assault in an anime takes.

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Without exaggeration bellow your whole assault name.


  1. Caleb’s skits are hilarious, idk who could solo and do it better

  2. Spinjitzu Master Falcon

    Ayyyy, TMNT’s trending!

  3. This man really makes a skit once a month and dips 😂

  4. Prince_Jordan 16

    Literally black clover


  6. Roaring Thundah

    This is what it felt like to watch Baki Hanma

  7. Prince of Thieves

    There’s this and then there’s Shikamaru putting blood on Hidans blade IN NOT EVEN A SPLIT SECONDS NOTICE

  8. When the next time you upload a video. Will the fight be done?

  9. i was kinda expecting him to come back to his tv and they are still talking

  10. I love how everytime caleb makes a video with a villain in it the villain always says “It’s useless”

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