How Kamikaze Pilots Created This Absurd Car Style | Bumper 2 Bumper

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What did Kamikaze plane pilots who survived WWII do when they got back home? Well, they built one of the coolest most bad-ass and one of a kind vehicle cultures ever! They evolved a distinct style that transcended from fashion and motorbikes to vehicles … this is the tale of Bosozoku automobile culture.

Large thanks to the Moonlight Runners for lending us their in poor health Toyota Cressida Bosozoku automobile.
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  1. szomorú tearex

    finally, someone touching on the subject with deep care and introducing this style to a lot of people who are new to the community, without just flat out saying haha ricer epic

    Thank You.

    • I eat children in the age of four

      I mean, you propably wouldn’t fuck it anyway, so what’s the deal

    • Tbh I’m not a huge fan of Bosozoku but I still respect it. And it ain’t just haha ricer epic.

    • Untill they put In some work inside that engine bay that shit is rice. Those Japanese boys put some work into their engines.

    • Right? JDM car culture gets lumped up a lot with different sub genres being mis-understood, especially when half the cars they modify never even came here. Good to see Donut doing right by that.

      —- Side note for clarification if anyone was wondering about Kyusha and Shakotan styles —-Neither are inherently Boso. Bosozoku cars are often Kyushas, which most directly translates to a classic car, and most are Shakotans, which translates to street scraper or “slammed”. Not all Boso cars are kyushas or Shakotans and only a small percentage of Shakotans and Kyusha are Bosozokus.

  2. *TOP 10 ON TRENDING!*

  3. What happend to 1 headlight

  4. On memorial day?! U doing kamikaze built car!?

  5. I like it

  6. They have to have issues with those pipes breaking at the flanges


  8. Hilarious, great host, you had me in stitches.

  9. You sounds like the Coach from Letterkenny. FUCKING EMBARRASSING!!!

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