how I won a $30,000 Among Us tournament…

Disguised Toast and guy streamers, which includes special visitor Mark Tuan, duke it out in Twitch Rivals Among Us with a $30,000 charity reward pot.

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Game 1 – Skeld
11:53 Game 2 – Polus
19:43 Game 3 – Airship
22:54 Game 4 – “I have not been killed yet…”
28:04 Game 5 – “I should have read the rules…”
37:36 Game 6 – “The Next Level Death Strategy”
49:50 Outro Interview


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  1. 💗 Abigail 💦

    The fact that they let Toast in this tourney proves that they simply want to die

  2. Poki is so boring playing with Toast… She guns for him for 0 evidence every time…

  3. tubbo is funny asf 😂

  4. The among us king🥳

  5. I am not british but holy shit pokimane doing that british accent to make fun of this tubbo guy is infuriating. Her accent is terrible and fucking annoying.

  6. I’m so happy for this among us content big smile on my face the whole video love you toast keep it up.

  7. Gotta love that Shikamaru 200+ IQ music❤️

  8. Pokimane is just annoying in general tbh, not just in this tourney

  9. Congrats Toast!

  10. eeeeeeee that outro :’)

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