how I unintentionally won a Mario Strikers Tournament

I entered @Grand POOBear ‘s Mario Strikers: Battle League tournament. I had never played Mario Strikers. I won. oops.

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  2. How to win tourney
    Step 1: skip the tutorial
    Step 2: enter the tourney
    Step 3: accidentally win the first match
    Step 4: learn a basic mechanic
    Step 5: bribe first place
    Step 6: play support

  3. So…He pretty much got carried

  4. This felt like watching someone win the Special Olympics

  5. i love how they put a detailed description of everyone and then when they get to smallant they just skip him lol

  6. the round with doug with just toads in such a dougdoug thing to do 😂

  7. you’re telling me smant beat 3 people and scored 3 on fir without sprinting…

  8. 3:05 they did my boy dirty here lmao

  9. 1:55 uhhhh…. so, competititon announcers are the same in any genre, eh? That feeling of filling air with many words. Like anyone that would be in this competition hasn’t played a lot of games.

  10. Huh, like blue lock

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