How I Survived My First Pokémon Nuzlocke

Believe it or not, but I’ve never really attempted a Pokémon nuzlocke before… so what could potentially go mistaken?


➤ Jacob Rabon IV (Alpharad)

➤ Jacob Rabon IV (Alpharad)
➤ @Jo Sniffy (Josniff) of @Alpharad Deluxe

Guest Appearances from friends!
Captain Kidd, Altrive, Keely, Jawsh, Failboat, Fyrus, Jome, Smith, Faye Mata, Kwehzy, JaidenAnimations, and Aaronitmar!!

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  1. Philippe Daigle

    The nuzlocke doesnt officially start until you get pokeballs so technically its your first nuzlocke!

  2. Bro I had a heart attack watching the Sabrina fight on stream.

  3. Enrique Roberto

    words cannot describe how much I missed this man.

  4. Joseph Rodriguez

    I fell like I watch a anime war

  5. Cooper Schimpff

    f u c k hotdog is remembered by a jojo reference

  6. Sebaa Abdelilah

    The nuzlocke doesn’t start until you have pokeballs so the first battle didn’t COUNT as a lose

  7. I love how Jaiden’s nuzlocke runs had the most heartbreaking deaths, and Jacob just rolls up like “whatup, these are my pets, wanna see me throw them in this woodchipper?”

  8. 14:36 Why did I immediately know that the notes are Megalovania

  9. Seadramon Productions

    I never thought I would hear “luigi” and “advantage” in the same sentence

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