How I Survived Mr. Beast’s Minecraft Challenge

Today I’ll show you How I Survived Mr. Beast’s Minecraft Challenge by using my anarchy survival talents to construct a civilization for him in under 24 hours. But little did I know, I was going to be at a MAJOR disadvantage.

This was a super fun Minecraft challenge, I never thought having 24 hours to construct a civilization in the sea would be so challenging.


  1. This was a true challenge, thanks for watching! FYI this challenge was pre-1.9 pvp, so spam clicking was optimal, especially near the end LOL

  2. Nice final fantasy boss music from the jecht battle

  3. The biomes being split into servers and I’m assuming exploits being banned is probably why we didnt see any tnt bombers

  4. I Fukin love the internet man. And incredible story around every click.

  5. Kinda nice stepping away from the oldest anarchy season in Minecraft from time to time

  6. This event seemed way too restrictive in how you could play the game, no nether, no resource farms and thus no force multipliers. This means the only viable tactic is to swarm your nieghbours and hope you get a few lucky kills and gain the tempo advantage. This makes me think you mostly lost to chance rather than actual skill.

  7. Tbh you were the real poland of this game.

  8. 2:14 i never knew FitMC was a teacher :0
    Makes me jealous of those kids tbh lol

  9. You have a chance to name your nation, Oceania, and it would just be so perfect

  10. RedWolf Mobile Legends

    I feel like this guy would be the coolest teacher ever

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