How I Stole an Entire Minecraft World…

Thieving from your friends is simple, thieving their whole world? Well that’s reserved for the ELITE Minecraft thieves… or just some dude without anything better to do. Thanks for viewing 🙂




  1. I-uh-I-wa- clownpierce be comin for you clownpierce. If he finds out you have been secretly married he’s never gonna part with you ever again

  2. He has a wife

  3. King Of The Monsters

    I wish my idol would reply 2 me

  4. Branzy i have question are still going to post lifesteal???

  5. Hey Branzy can you do a man hunt with RekRap2 and Parrot

  6. The most shocking moment in this video was when I realized branzy has a wife. (Good for him though!)

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Oh my Branzy, your projects and vids are always so amazing, we all love you and your friends! Please keep on with making content with your friends as well cuz it’s so noice and great

  8. And I am subscribed❤❤❤

  9. U have a wife?

  10. why does chief talk so much

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