How I SAVED Eugene WITHOUT CHEATS in Choo Choo Charles

I was motivated by a truly excellent video clip from @HorrorScoped to save Eugene within the limits of the game. It was a laborious, excruciating experience. SO MUCH FUN, more choo choo charles challenges to come.

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  1. Do you plan on moderating Choo Choo Charles speedruns? Or maybe just monitoring them?

  2. Man y’all gotta save Unk man he got the weed on him that why his voice sound like that

  3. Goofy lighting 😭

  4. As it has always been said, and I would like to say it again: the only thing stronger than a demonic spider is the love for a brother in arms ❤

  5. Imagine having a pet Charles and taking him on walkies every day

  6. Time to take Charles on his daily Walkies!

  7. Just the disappointment in Spiffs voice at 18:08

  8. Thank you for your service. As soon as I saw this game I wondered if you could jump off the train to keep collecting scraps and try to save him, and now we know it’s possible. XD

  9. Hey spiff,

    I, like many, was watching you try this challenge. The first time you made it to the summoning temple, at 35:15, I was watching the cutscene and thought it’d be “hilarious” if you died in the cutscene. So, I typed it in chat. As i pressed enter, I saw you taking damage, and saw the very thing I thought would be ridiculous actually occur in front of my eyes. That was surprising. Thanks for the amazing video, keep up the great work 🙂

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