How I feel about my loss… (+Announcement)

Address some of the disagreements. and discuss perhaps there being a creator clash 2.

Thank you for your support everybody!
How I feel about my loss… (+Announcement)

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  1. Jeremiah Gillis

    In all honesty I understand why idubbbz would ban sam. He bought a buncha charity tickets to troll which I get, but #1 that money is going to cherity and #2 other people want those fucking seats.

  2. Creative Beatdown

    You guys had the best match of the night man that was true heart out there and you guys looked like amateur to professional

  3. That was cool

  4. Dude sounds delusional

  5. Creator Clash 2 needs to happen. I was rooting for ididathing and sauceboss and they did not disappoint. I’d love to see them both take on new challengers. I can already imagine the headliner for Creator Clash 5 featuring Maxmoefoe vs Pewdiepie

  6. nice mullet saddo

  7. incredible show man. great work you should be proud.

  8. More Kickstarter crap

  9. THINK IT!
    DO IT!

  10. Cool now talk about banning Sam Hyde last second lol

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