How I Chose My Wedding Dress and Why – Merrell Twins

Watch to look at which wedding ceremony dresses Vanessa ended up not choosing for her wedding ceremony!

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  1. its fun hearing this, because I found a dress on the website of the store I was planning on going to. I fell in LOVE with one dress and wanted to try it on first, but we decided to make the most of the experience and save it for last. It ended up being my dress 🙂

  2. well i didn’t missed anythingggggggggggggg

  3. both roni and nessa’s videos on their wedding dresses ended at 16:57! that’s so cute🥺

  4. Congrats again Nessa! Your dress was beautiful! 🤍

    Side question tho: What happened to your wrist? 😶

  5. i really liked the satin one on her because the back was sooo pretty on her

  6. The satin dress was pretty cuz u never see people pick satin dresses for weddings

  7. The dress you chose was absolutely GORGEOUS!! And you looked so so BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. The dress at 9:41 😍

  9. I love the faces in the photos because all of my wedding dress try on photos look like this too

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