How I Built the Entire Solar System in Minecraft Hardcore!

I constructed the whole SOLAR SYSTEM in hardcore minecaft!

I Spent over 60 hours building every single planet in the whole sun system. This included fully removing the whole of the end island and also removing the obsidian pillars two times!



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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for the support!
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  2. Great job and dedication LockDown! Hope you don’t die! *knock wood*

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  4. I love your video lock down life

  5. bros briish?

  6. Your videos are very good keep it up

  7. Just place water instead of breaking the flower (•_•⁠)⁠―⁠→

  8. Um AcTuAlLy It’S pRoNoUnCed Ur-an-us

  9. Muhammad Abdul wahab

    I think u forgot nasa favorite ✨ MOON ✨

  10. Neptune had a ring but still a gerat vid!

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