How Good are the New Pokemon from the Teal Mask?


  1. Glad we got Mickey Mouse to visit for a second

  2. You might not have noticed this but toxic chain doesnt just give regular poison but toxic poison so it increases every turn like if it was given by toxic

  3. Dipplin eviolite

  4. If I had to choose, I’d say Ogerpon. I’d give it scarf or water mask, and put it on a suicide mission in restricted format. My last time ever playing is long ago though, I didn’t even know that Tornadus’s move is a thing in the main games now lol.

  5. DarkAngel's /DrakestAngel

    I love this content your helping me understand competitive pokemon

  6. 19:01 what’s the song playing here?

  7. Good job on trending!

  8. are you allowed both regualr ursaluna and bloodmoon ursaluna in one team?

    I usually avoid those similar pokemon, but ever since Ursaluna was introduced it became an instant favorite pokemon next to urshifu. Especially since I love his whole set up so much, a burning bear with massive damage. I really love bears and I love both ground and water types the most.
    so for my sand team I would love to try to run both Ursalunas in one team if that is legal.. since we still dont have excadrill… who is still my favorite pokemon together with Tyranitar.

  9. Strength sap jump luff made so many of my apponents rage quit lol

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