How Garten of Banban Tricked The Internet

Five Nights at Freddy’s and its repercussions on indie fright. Anyway, anybody want to join my Jumbo Josh club?

Outro Music: uhyeah Season 2 Theme

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  1. The strangest thing to me is this developer has actually made a really interesting game before that I liked. “He Needs His Medicine” was also a really short experience but I think it was exactly as long as it needed to be. It was creative and unique enough that I felt it had its own identity. It never gained a lot of traction, so I honestly feel like the devs just got fed up with their honest attempts at horror games being ignored and made this game as a test to see if this sort of thing would really work with the lowest effort put into it as possible. And needless to say it succeeded lol

  2. i actually kinda liked opila bird. i liked the way that it creeps up on the player like its sizing them up, like its creeping up on prey. but otherwise, it,,, yeah this game kinda sucks lmao

  3. Bird Up!
    PD: Do a video about Doors

  4. why does opila bird look like they smoked weed

  5. “Garten isn’t even a word”

    uhyeah when other languages exist: 😮

  6. Pit Spring Bonnie


  7. I never watch this game because the game is bad no hard work went in it

  8. Poppy playtime has actual effort put it in, while this feels like a something made in 5 seconds in a middle school science class

  9. For the longest time i thought bird up was a original joke from terminal montage, well the joke of the bird from monster hunter causing bird up is original but bird up itself isn’t

    *BIRD UP*

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