How Emma Thompson Prepared For ‘Late Night’

Dame Emma Thompson’s preparation for ‘Late Night’ left her with a new gratitude for the late-evening imaginative process and the power of laughter. #LSSC #Colbert #EmmaThompson

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  1. Karatheya Roxan

    So much love for Dame Emma Thompson

  2. Ellen L. Sandor

    that interview was FLAWLESS. i’ll be chuckling about it for the rest of the night!?

  3. alisa alferova


  4. Geoffrey Feinberg

    She’s stunning.

  5. Vanessa Garnica

    Wish Dame Emma would’ve asked Stephen how many female writers he has on his staff… ??‍♀️

  6. Huge Actress and I love her accent.

  7. She was supposed to be in the taping I went to yesterday, now I wonder when they taped this, because she had to cancel last minute… but the bit just came out with the rest of yesterday’s show… wish I could’ve seen her live.

  8. She is so full of Joy. Is this real? I love her!


  10. Dwayne Earl James

    She is charming and lovely ❤

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