How Easily Can You Catch Every Pokemon in Scarlet/Violet?

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, I took on the challenge of concluding the Pokedex as quickly as feasible, and while I ordinarily attempt this with only the latest Pokemon, I strived to complete the whole Pokedex of all 400 Pokemon. This is how it went. If you have any suggestions for the next video, leave it in the comments below! Have a great day 🙂

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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Day 1
17:55 – Day 2
25:05 – Day 3
32:39 – Outro


  1. Like this if I should do a Professor Oak’s Challenge for Scarlet and Violet 😅

  2. i tried SO hard to complete the dex before this video came up but i wasn’t able to get blissly and moriadon that’s it

  3. Theodoros Savvidis

    Tandemaus does have an evolution animation sometimes.

  4. Paul Anthony Pritchard


  5. In terms of late game grinding, I found the most consistent spot to be the cave you find Iron Valiant/Roaring Moon in to be the best, level 55 CHQ set spawn pretty often in there so you’re getting anywhere from 2-4K xp per battle depending on if you have lucky egg equipped. Took me no time at all to clear up those last few evos in there.

  6. Can just appreciate how much the effort and time he put into these videos

  7. Did anyone else notice at the beginning, the Pokédex says fidough but has a picture of drednaw

  8. This game has been the easiest to fill the dex in so far. I’ve never filled a dex anywhere near half before and I’m already almost done with this one.

  9. 100% adam let that shit happenno points bc that guy was like a giant beating on a kid

  10. I love your vids guys keep up the
    good work 🙂

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