How does the rollable TV work?

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  1. Random fact about those speakers inside the TV: They are called DML speakers. Genuinely cool audio technology that hasn’t taken over speaker market is because there is a patent of DML loudspeakers. But, you can buy individual exciters, attach them to honeycomb cardboard of even polystyrene sheet and enjoy. If made correctly – they can create extraordinary frequency response range for cheap. I know it, because I made flat panel wall speakers for my PC and they sound great! In future – I plan to make a whole 5,2,2 home theater out of them.


  3. Julien Valiquette

    I like crossover

  4. I’m waiting for MicroLED

  5. Thank you for shooting in the 18:9 aspect ratio. It really makes you appreciate these new displays on the newest iPhones.

  6. Now who on earth would need an 8K TV? To spot even the difference between FHD and 4K requires extremely good eyes at typical viewing distances, I doubt anyone can see the one between 4K and 8K. Plus there is absolutely NO native 8K content coming up for the next 5 years at least, lol


  8. Get Whats Inside? to cut it open

  9. it’s the tv from the thundermans.

  10. Linus you almost kill austin ? !

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