How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating

Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:

Reverse Osmosis:

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    • @LionRa pivot right. You both turn your hips as you walk past, so you dont bump into each other.
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      It makes walking around in large crowds really difficult.

    • @Xtremegamer 3D Nuclear power reactors are public information.

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  2. Hey Destin, know you probably won’t see this, but as a steam fan preheating makes sense to me. I’ll use water as an example.

    If you take, say water in Alaska in the winter and try to boil it from… I’ll say 33 degrees it’s gonna take a good while and it’s going to use up a larger amount of whatever fuel source you’re using to hear said water as opposed to if you preheated it to a non boiling state.
    Steam engines can use this by running pipes directly next to the boiler to heat up the water somewhat before it actually enters, as heat is wasted energy. So running pipes from the tender, across the firebox, and against the boiler to the injection area(same problem as the water pressure problem for the sub), You’ll sop up some of the wasted heat in the incoming water, which allows it to become steam faster as its already warmer than it would have been.

  3. The subs in Hollywood are a lot more spacious, which would be bad for a submarine.

  4. Saying that spouses doesn’t like the smell of MEA is extra funny if you consider that in Spanish “mea” means “pissing”

  5. The dow-dudes “yes” reminds me of Elon Musk

  6. Yay! A Chemistry one. It is nice to see the chemistry of how making oxygen works.

  7. I gotta say, you are the man. How the heck did you convince the Government to let you on board a sub? I am jealous!

  8. Thanks Destin. You’re a national treasure

  9. Oh God, Destin is a screen-toucher. What the heck, man.

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