How Did Ivana Trump Die? New Details Emerge From Her NYC Townhouse | NBC New York

Ivana Trump, a skier-turned-businesswoman who shaped one half of a publicity power couple in the Eighties as the very first spouse of previous President Donald Trump and mom of his oldest kids, has passed away in New York City. NBC New York’s Ida Siegal reports.


  1. Rest Easy

  2. Its obvious Donald Trump had her murdered

  3. fake news. Donald did it.

  4. Dead witches can’t talk.

  5. My Cousin Died From Falling Down the Stairs… Broke his Neck !

  6. No police report?

  7. My Condolences To The Families And My Prayers Are With You
    Rest In Peace Miss Ivana Trump 🌼🌼🌸🌸💐💐🌺🌺🌹🌹🌷🌷🦋🎈🌈🦋

  8. What Blood Sucking Vampires. So eager for a Trump headline they need to speculate the cause of death of Trumps ex wife.

  9. lmao

  10. Democrat broke in and pushed her down for spite?

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