HOW could they let it GO THIS FAR?!

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On the Tuesday, August 18, 2015 a Jet Airways 737-800 left #Hamad International Airport in #Doha bound for Cochin in Southern #India. The climate on that day was marginal. During the very first approach into Cochin the pilots were not able to make visible contact with the runway because of the misty climate and had to execute a #go-around. In total, SIX missed approaches were performed during this flight. How was this permitted to happen? Let us investigate…

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Final Report:

RVR Table: Jeppesen

Aircraft Used: Zibo-Mod 737

00:00 – Start
00:25 – Flight Origins
01:28 – Weather Conditions
03:47 – Fueling Operations
06:32 – Takeoff
08:13 – Approaching Cochin
09:09 – Go Around One
10:22 – Neighbouring Aircraft
11:10 – Go Around Two
14:27 – Planning For Alternates
15:05 – Go Around Three
15:58 – Approaching Thiruvananthapuram
17:39 – Minimum Fuel
18:41 – Go Around Four
19:30 – Trying a Visual
21:47 – Go Around Five
22:29 – Go Around Six
23:33 – 349 Kilos Left
24:24 – The Return Leg
25:10 – Probable Cause
26:19 – A Poor Report



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    • They did last approach because of on 6th go around, they can able to see where is runway in actual so they made reference in mind and accordingly they did 180° turn to land back, I’m very fascinated that they did half circle or teardrop approach using plane 😂 while i can’t draw it on white board properly

    • @John McMickle that was on maintenance at trivendrum while in kochin they didn’t have good visibility even with ILS approach

    • Hey can u make a video on air India flight 101

    • Everyone wants to point to the flaws here and there are many. My perspective is that this was incredible aviation.

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  2. deanchristian777

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  3. I recently watched the movie runway 34 very similar situation to this but far worse. it actually is a very interesting movie if you have the time to watch it and do an analysis of it that would be fantastic. Or was this the incident the movie was based on?

  4. Robert F aka Bo_Diddly

    OH Wow!
    This one got my heart rate up just watching!
    My biggest fear in flying is not being able to see the runway when coming in for a landing, and here they had that situation 7 times in a row!
    If I was a passenger and understood what was going on, I probably would have had a heart attack!

  5. How can an international airport not have an ILS??? It should be mandatory on all airports . This is so wrong and it’s only a matter of time before a catastrophe happens

  6. Everything was okay, except some pants which had been shat.

  7. One thing that I would have done after the first 2 go arounds would divert to another airport that was better.

  8. fantastic work! thank yo so much for doing these, they are truly amazing!

  9. The owner was deplaned at Mumbai as the plane was recalled to the boarding area and prevented from Leaving India.

  10. Nice, a happy ending. I was sure they were gonna crash! Hopefully they learned lessons here, because they were given a second chance of life.

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