How China Lost Patience with Its Loudest Billionaire

The abrupt cancellation of Ant Group’s IPO shocked investors, but Beijing’s slapdown of Jack Ma was years in the making. And Alibaba and Ant are not the only tech firms under scrutiny by Chinese regulators.

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  1. Why would we proletariats have sympathy to capitalists? They have exploited enough from us, and it’s time for them to pay.

  2. I’m sorry but the scope of your investigation here wasn’t big enough to come to the proper conclusion.

  3. In China big tech companies do not threaten the government. Too bad the same cant be said of the rest of the world.

  4. Facts not feelings

    china is not usa, china understands the danger of private corporations becoming more powerful than the state. Ma became a threat to Chinese state and way of life when he believe he created Alibaba to be that successful, as appose to Chinese state allowing him to be so successful.

  5. I can ONLY hope you AUZYES are begging to see WHY you DON”T allow a government ANYTHING To DISARM YOU the public ….

  6. Time to break up Alibaba, ant, Tencent, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple.

  7. Dreamweaver John

    For CCP, all Chinese private companies no matter big or small are all like Chinese chives ready to be cut off anytime.

  8. Western nations need to also shackle their monster corporations.

  9. Everybody gansta until China’s government summons them.

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