How Big Companies RUINED chocolate!

Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week we taste test and discover why craft chocolate tastes so much better than mass produced chocolate. How chocolate is made, where cocoa is grown, what things effect the flavour of chocolate and why store bought chocolate tastes bland. With thanks to my chocolate loving taste testers Tracey, Faye and Caleb for their help in this one.

Details of chocolate bars taste tested:

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  1. Kookies with some tae :).

    EARLY!!! Ann’s videos are honestly the best :))

  2. Incredible video, Anne. You are always so thorough with your explanations and telling the story of food as it journeys through both science and market. This is exactly a subject I was interested in too, so it was very exciting to see this one pop up on my feed.

  3. Amazing video as always – thanks Ann and all of her chocolate helpers!

  4. I would add to this that even though it might not be the top quality you can get, I still really like shop-bought chocolate. Just because it isn’t the best doesn’t mean that it isn’t still yummy xD

  5. such a great video! Was really interesting

  6. I don’t like most chocolate either. I do like Plain Hershy chocolate in the regular sized bars. Not the miniatures, not the jumbo bars. It has to be kind of thin. I don’t know why but the thickness of the chocolate makes it taste less creamy. The mini bars are really thick, as are the jumbo bars. But the regular bars are quite thin and they have a very creamy texture but there is also still a little bit of grit. That could just be the sugar added
    😅 IDK, but it just tastes good.
    Other than the plain Hershy bar, my bext favorite is the regular KitKat chocolate. I know, its changed because mow we have cookie waffers but its a thin coating of chocolate over the waffer that just tastes really nice, to me. I don’t usually care for artisan chocolates, and I know they probably have a more flavorful profile (like the fruity or nutty or acidic tastes) But I don’t personally like those. I hate Lint choclolates. I do like dark chocolate, but its not very good by any particular “brand” at all. Infact, the best dark chovolate I have had was just regular bakers chocolate, unsweetened. I melt it down for making torts and it has the best flavor because it tastes like whatever you mold the flavor into. I kind of prefer that I can make my own flavor instead of depending on someone else’s.

  7. Reminds me of Vidallia onions. Soil makes the difference. Also, whiskeys because the yeast makes a difference in the taste.

  8. Incredible and well-researched as always! Always look forward to your videos.

  9. Brilliant as always. I find it interesting how your niche in the community has seemingly shifted toward food (and general) education more than recipes. While it’s sad that the algorithm has pushed you in this direction, we are so lucky to have you and your family. Thank you.

  10. Thank you so much for the cocoa class!! ❤

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