How Aston Martin Learned to never trust Ford

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There was a time when Aston Martin intended Bond films, silver coupes, naturally aspirated high displacement engines, and one of a kind exquisite styling. Since that time Aston Martin has altered hands quite a few times, and now they are… Well… Different.

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  1. JonMacFhearghuis

    How is the Fusion/Mondeo an “econobox”? It’s a compact sedan.

  2. Oh my god! I remember in 2016 seeing the new Ford Explorers and thinking that it looks like a Land Rover / Range Rover. After seeing that Ford owned Land Rover from this video and how Ford shuffles designers, it all makes sense! What a 5 year buildup!

  3. The Aston Martin Valkyrie is the Dewbache Vagner from GTA

  4. Yesterday I was talking eith a friend about that and surprisingly today I see that video! Next time I see him I have more things to say! 🙂

  5. bongani khumalo

    And I thought I was going crazy (Fusion>>>>Aston)

  6. Especially with the music, when the Ford “Premier automotive group” is mentioned I feel like I’m playing Gran Turismo an looking for a car to buy….

  7. Oliver Creighton

    With the whole Ford Fusion thing they actually used that front end styling on the newer xr6 Ford falcon in Australia as well btw

  8. Alistair Hughes

    Nolan, the normal guy worth watching!

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