How A Sheep Changed 2b2t History Forever

Today we are going to talk about How A Sheep Changed 2b2t History Forever, and helped uncover a decade-old Minecraft mystery! Visit for up to 15% off!

Additional Thanks:
courier6 (Info, screenshots)
IronException (Render)



  1. I heard “courier 6” and my spurs started jingling

    Edit: and hause IS the server owner come on

  2. I’m new to the story of 2bst and I’m loving your account of its history!
    Maybe this is just a random stab in the dark BUT, I 100% believe “PYROBYTE” is still on 2b2t under an alias, and when I say this your going to LOL BUT I bet I’m not wrong!
    What if the current “HOUSE_MASTER” was actually “PYROBYTE”?
    Crazy I know BUT .. OMG its a great theory.

  3. didnt know u were gigachad 1:24

  4. I simply love your videos mate.

  5. Bro just found the One Piece

  6. Waiting for the time Furnace Minecarts play a major role

  7. or he couldve used a repeating command block that summoned sheep, endermen, etc

  8. Nicolas Bechstedt

    The question is who played the nether portal, cause that person is actually the first to find the place

  9. Baaaaaaaaaa

  10. The sheeps definitely did nothing wrong.

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