How a “Hi Level” Mindset Helps You Realize Your Potential | Cordae | TED

What does it take to construct a heritage? Hip hop artist Cordae tells how he went from mixtape-dropping high school child to Grammy-nominated music star whose “Hi Level” mindset helps him obtain his dreams.

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  1. that was amzing

  2. Motivated

  3. Tommorow, I’ll participate in so important internship so now I’m afraid of fail. But I’ll talk myself “each chapter isn’t going to be perfect”.

  4. Just to let viewers know that TED actually let a guy who senselessly murdered an elderly couple and put a phone and cup inside their bodies do a talk in his California prison uniform. Maybe if he gets paroled, he can organize TED events. He’s white, so he’s got a shot.
    I’ll never watch another TED.

  5. Valencia Rollins

    All facts

  6. Siyabonga Basil


  7. legendary

  8. I knew cordea was gonna be crazy when I heard him doing those songs so different then the rest of yungbullnation , but this is amazing to see how much he’s standing out.

  9. this fool looks hi

  10. Sage Shenanigans

    This is a must-share.

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